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Jennifer Aniston in Lesbian Heat

Fic Title:Lesbian Heat
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Rebecca Romijn/Jennifer Aniston/Heidi Mark
Summary:In order to help themselves get over the painful reminders of their ex-husbands,Rebecca Romijn and two of her good friends decide to go celebrate her birthday at her California estate.

Warnings:Strong language,voyurism,female solo sex,female/female sex

Let me ask some of you folks this one question:Were any of you finally able to get over your divorce from your husband/wife and get on with your life or unable to do so and kept on sitting inside your own house like you were nothing more than just a big fat zero?

I could tell by the silence that I’m hearing that there are still some of you who are unable to see what I was trying to get at,which has made me realize that I might as well tell all of you the story that I’m writing right now.

You see,it had all began on the Sixth day of November,which happens to be the birthday of a hot Hollywood babe named Rebecca Romijn and was also the day on which she and two of her good friends,one of the stars of the hit NBC-TV series FRIENDS named Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer’s ROCK STAR castmate,Heidi Mark had all decided to go to a place where they would be able to get over what has happened between them and their ex-husbands.

And so,after they had packed all of their overnight stuff,the two California girls and the Columbus,Ohio born actress had gotten themselves into a minivan and drove themselves all the way to a mansion in Berkeley that John Stamos’ ex-wife has bought for herself.

And as soon as they had finally arrived at Rebecca’s new di Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston’s sex stories: The Retreat

The Retreat
by Robbins(

Rating:NC-17(sex,threesomes,Lesbian,and FDomination)

Summary:Four friends end up at the same retreat with
Kristanna Loken,Jennifer Garner,Jennifer Aniston,
Sarah Michelle Gellar,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Eliza
Dushku,Michelle Trachtenberg,Alyson Hannigan,
Amber Benson,and Jessica Alba.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is giving Jennifer Aniston a massage. Jennifer loved
Brad but sometimes she had to get away to be with woman.
Eliza Dushku sat on a chair. Jessica Alba Is performing oral sex on her.
Eliza enjoys the great job Jessica Is doing.
In the living room of the retreat Kristanna Loken lounged on a chair. At the other
end of the room Jennifer Garner sat kinda bored. Sarah Michelle Gellar,and
Michelle Trachtenberg sat on the couch. Sarah Is rubbing Michelle’s shoulders.
The two former Buffy co-stars were a lot closer than many knew.

Ian,Max,Victor,and Bob walked In. They saw Kristanna,Sarah,Michelle,and Jennifer.
They are surprised.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jennifer asked. “We rented this place for the
weekend” Max says. “So,did we” Jennifer replied.

Kristanna has a nice dirty thought. She smiles.

“Why don’t you stay with us this weekend. We can have fun.” Kristanna says.

Jennifer likes that. Kristanna goes over to Bob. She kisses him. “Let’s go
up Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend are going to fuck right now!

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Naked Jennifer Aniston showing her pretty pussy

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Jennifer Aniston  parodies hentaiAll right, this is some fresh post for you. Passing belief, but these orgiastic of the first water drawn Jennifer Aniston parodies’ heroes understand a great deal about trollopy busts, they are not as white as you hypothesized when you view them over TV! Jennifer Aniston got turned on. Her fingers find her hot pussy fiddling it and enjoys that a lot ;)

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