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Jennifer Aniston Naked Story: "Season Of Summer"

Fic Title:Season Of Summer
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairings:Gillian Anderson/m/f,Sandra Bullock/m,Jennifer Aniston/f
Summary:Sandra Bullock and her friends,Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Aniston get themselves settled into their vacation house just in time to be invited by a group of young people in a pick-up truck to join them at a nearby beach.
Warnings:Strong language,male/female sex,femlae/female sex
You know,if I’m not mistaken,whenever the season of summer rolls around,there would always be a need for a group of friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company…even if there were older than teenagers.

Case in point:one of the hottest stars in Hollywood history,Sandra Bullock and two of her friends,the former X-FILES star known as Gillian Anderson and the star of the hit NBC-TV series FRIENDS named Jennifer Aniston had just arrived at a small house that they had rented for the summer.

And after they had gotten themselves settled into their rooms,Sandra had suddenly heard someone honking their car horn outside,causing her to take a peek out the window and discover that the sound had came from a Ford pick-up truck with a group of young friends–two male and two female–in it.

And then,after she had noticed that their newfound friendly neighbors were inviting her and her friends to join them,a smile had suddenly appeared on Sandra’s lips,she had told Gillian and Jennifer about t Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston Porn Story: "New To The Club by Andrew Troy Keller"

Fic Title:New To The Club

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Jennifer Aniston/Paul Levesque(Triple-H)/Stephanie McMahon


Summary:In order to get her to forget her recent problems with her ex-husband,Brad Pitt,Jennifer Aniston goes to a local health club,where she tries out some of the exercise equipment and makes two new friends,Paul Levesque and his wife,Stephanie McMahon.

Warnings:Voyurism,female solo sex,female/female sex,male solo sex,strong language,male/female sex

It had all began on the afternoon of February 11th,which happens to be the birthday of a hot Hollywood babe named Jennifer Aniston and which was also the day that she had decided to go try something new and forget all about her probelms with a certain ex-husband of hers named Brad Pitt.

So anyway,it was on that day that the 37-year-old Sherman Oaks,California born actress has decided to go to a local heath club and try out some of their exercise equipment,but as soon as she had signed herself in and walked over to one of the treadmills,Jennifer had just felt someone placing his or her hand on the former FRIENDS star’s shoulder,causing her to turn around and discover that it was the hand of a WWE personality named Stephanie McMahon,who had looked at Jennifer with a smile and a look of embarressment on her face and said,”I’m really sorry for shocking you like that.It’s just that I was a big fan of your show and I’ve just wanted to meet you.By the way,since you’re new to the club,I hope that you don’t mind that I introduce myself.I’m Stephanie McMahon,Vince McMahon’s daughter.”

And after she had let out a sigh of relief,Jennifer has allowed a smile to appear on her own lips,placed her friendly hand on Stephanie’s shoulder and said,”I’m so very glad that you had told me who you are.By the way,I also have no idea that the WWE would allow its wrestling Continue reading

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