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Jennifer Aniston Naked Story: "Jennifer’s Camping Trip"

Fic Title:Jennifer’s Camping Trip
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Debbie Dunning/Jennifer Aniston
Summary:After deciding that she needs to clear her head about her problems with her ex-husband,Brad Pitt,Jennifer Aniston goes to a national park to set-up camp,only to find herself face-to-face with Debbie Dunning.
Warnings:Strong language,graphic violence,female/female sex
It was on the 20th day of May that a Hollywood actress named Jennifer Aniston has decided that she had enough of feeling guilty over losing her ex-husband,Brad Pitt to his MR. AND MRS. SMITH co-star,Angelina Jolie and has also decided to go to the local national park in order to clear her head.

And so,after she had gotten her camping gear into her car,she had driven herself to the park,where she was able to find the perfect spot for her to pitch her tent and set up camp.

And after her campsite was all set-up,Jennifer had heard the sound of running water coming from behind her,causing a curious Jennifer to follow the sound to its source,only to discover that she had pitched her tent just a few steps away from a river.

And then,after she had looked around and discovered that there was no one else around,a small-smiling Jennifer had taken all of her clothes off,placed herself into the river and started splashing around in the cool and refreshing water.

But then,after she had turned around and discovered a mysterious stranger wearing Continue reading

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Sex parodies with Jennifer Aniston: Newsstand Babe

Fic Title:Newsstand Babe
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Jennifer Aniston/m
Summary:After he had finsihed his work-shift and started walking home,a young loading dock worker takes a look at a vendor-operated newsstand and discovered that the operator looks like Jennifer Aniston.
Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language
Let me just ask you folks this one question:What would happen if you spot someone who looks like one of your favorite TV babes and you start having these certain fantasies about him or her?

And if you want to know what I’m talking about,then I do suggest that you’ll allow me to tell you this story that I’m writting right now,which had began on the Third day of June within the City of New York itself.

You see,after he had finally finished his work shift and told his co-workers that he’ll see them tomorrow morning,a young and handsome loading dock worker for the newspaper known as the New York Times named David LeBlanc had started walking to his downtown apartment.

But just after he had reached that first intersection and turned his head towards one of the few vendor-operated newsstands in the city,David had discovered that the vendor who was operating that newsstand was bearing a striking resemblance to one of his favorite TV babes named Jennifer Aniston,who was once one of the stars of the hit NBC-TV series entitled FRIENDS.

And just then,after he had spotted her taking her jacket off and noticed that she had looked good with only a tee-shirt and blue-jean shorts,a wide-eyed David had started walking towards the newsstand,placed his hand on one of the piles of the latest issue of NEWSWEEK magazine,cleared his throat and said,”Hi there.You may not know me.My name is David LeBlanc and from what I see so far,you’re a really red-hot chick.”

And then,after she had heard that and looked at David with a small smile on her face,the bea Continue reading

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Hot Jennifer Aniston showing her beautiful tits!

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Teen Titans Hentai

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