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Jennifer Aniston Porn Story: "Fantasy Chamber"

Fic Title:Fantasy Chamber
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Teri Weigal/Christina Applegate/Jennifer Aniston
Summary:Jennifer Aniston arrives at Teri Weigal’s house to wish the porn star a happy birthday,unaware that she’s the actual birthday surprise.
Warnings:Drug Use,bondage,strong language,female/female sex
It was on the Twenty-Fourth day of February that a porn star named Teri Weigal was inside her Hollywood home laying bare-ass naked on her bed and carressing her firm breasts and hot,wet pussy.

“Aaaahhhh,yes!That’s it!Do it,Teri!Do it now!”,Teri had said to herself,after she had placed her hand on her forehead.”Make me wanna cum!Do it before they get here!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,after she had started moving harder and faster and her moment of solo-sexual-pleasure was nearing its end,Teri had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion,just before a car had drove up to the house.

After it had stopped in front of the garage,Teri’s former MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN co-star,Christina Applegate and Christina’s FRIENDS co-star,Jennifer Aniston had gotten out of the car and walked up to the house.

“Are you sure that it’s okay for me to be here with you,Tina?”,asked a concerned Jennifer,just before Christina had let out a small giggle and answered,”Of course it’s okay,Jen.Besides,you need something to get your mind off of your being seperated from Brad.”

And after Jennifer had realized that Christina was right about her wanting to forget about her problems with her estranged husband,Brad Pitt,Christina had rang the doorbell,causing the door to open and a smiling Teri to appear in front of them and wearing only a bathrobe.

“Je Continue reading

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