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Jennifer Aniston Nude Story: "Jennifer learns a lesson"

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to celebs, however much we may want it too. If you are under 18, don’t read it. Don’t republish this without contacting me first. Enjoy.

Jennifer Learns a Lesson

Jennifer Aniston had just finished the days filming of Friends and was anxious and thankful to leave. More and more now, she wanted to get the hell away from the NBC sitcom, and make herself into a “real” actress. Her cast mates and crew had noticed her over the years becoming sexier and at the same time, more of a bitch. She walked around with a holier than thou attitude and was rude to anyone who didn’t make as much money as her (which was basically everyone).

Picking up her Versace purse from her trailer, she walked out of the lot, refusing to acknowledge the guards as they said goodnight to her. Wearing low cut jeans which wrapped themselves on her tight, tan ass, and a white, almost see-through lace top, she made her way to the parking lot, trying to remember where she left the Porsche. It was getting cold out, her straight, dirty-blonde hair flew in the wind, and her nipples began to get hard and stick through the holes in her top. Putting her arms over her firm, perfectly sized breasts, just in case some nosey photographer was around, she cursed as her keys dropped with a clang to the pavement.

“Fuck!” She let out, as she bent over to find them.

“Nice ass honey,” a deep voice said, from behind her.

“Excuse me? Do you know who the hell you’re talking too? Where are you anyways? I’ll get security to fuck you up mister.” Jennifer said, obviously beginning to get frightened. She looked around, and suddenly saw four men sitting on her car.

“Oh hey, I know you. You guys work for security, don’t you?” She said, getting confused.

“Nah baby, we just quit. Surprised Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston Sex

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Jennifer Aniston Boobs

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Looks like Jennifer Aniston was not expecting that she will be fucked in her own bathroom…

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Jennifer Aniston’s sex stories: The Retreat

The Retreat
by Robbins(

Rating:NC-17(sex,threesomes,Lesbian,and FDomination)

Summary:Four friends end up at the same retreat with
Kristanna Loken,Jennifer Garner,Jennifer Aniston,
Sarah Michelle Gellar,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Eliza
Dushku,Michelle Trachtenberg,Alyson Hannigan,
Amber Benson,and Jessica Alba.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is giving Jennifer Aniston a massage. Jennifer loved
Brad but sometimes she had to get away to be with woman.
Eliza Dushku sat on a chair. Jessica Alba Is performing oral sex on her.
Eliza enjoys the great job Jessica Is doing.
In the living room of the retreat Kristanna Loken lounged on a chair. At the other
end of the room Jennifer Garner sat kinda bored. Sarah Michelle Gellar,and
Michelle Trachtenberg sat on the couch. Sarah Is rubbing Michelle’s shoulders.
The two former Buffy co-stars were a lot closer than many knew.

Ian,Max,Victor,and Bob walked In. They saw Kristanna,Sarah,Michelle,and Jennifer.
They are surprised.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jennifer asked. “We rented this place for the
weekend” Max says. “So,did we” Jennifer replied.

Kristanna has a nice dirty thought. She smiles.

“Why don’t you stay with us this weekend. We can have fun.” Kristanna says.

Jennifer likes that. Kristanna goes over to Bob. She kisses him. “Let’s go
up Continue reading

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Fake Jennifer Aniston

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Nude Jennifer Aniston showing her nice butt and pussy

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