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Jennifer Aniston Nude Story: "Jennifer learns a lesson"

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to celebs, however much we may want it too. If you are under 18, don’t read it. Don’t republish this without contacting me first. Enjoy.

Jennifer Learns a Lesson

Jennifer Aniston had just finished the days filming of Friends and was anxious and thankful to leave. More and more now, she wanted to get the hell away from the NBC sitcom, and make herself into a “real” actress. Her cast mates and crew had noticed her over the years becoming sexier and at the same time, more of a bitch. She walked around with a holier than thou attitude and was rude to anyone who didn’t make as much money as her (which was basically everyone).

Picking up her Versace purse from her trailer, she walked out of the lot, refusing to acknowledge the guards as they said goodnight to her. Wearing low cut jeans which wrapped themselves on her tight, tan ass, and a white, almost see-through lace top, she made her way to the parking lot, trying to remember where she left the Porsche. It was getting cold out, her straight, dirty-blonde hair flew in the wind, and her nipples began to get hard and stick through the holes in her top. Putting her arms over her firm, perfectly sized breasts, just in case some nosey photographer was around, she cursed as her keys dropped with a clang to the pavement.

“Fuck!” She let out, as she bent over to find them.

“Nice ass honey,” a deep voice said, from behind her.

“Excuse me? Do you know who the hell you’re talking too? Where are you anyways? I’ll get security to fuck you up mister.” Jennifer said, obviously beginning to get frightened. She looked around, and suddenly saw four men sitting on her car.

“Oh hey, I know you. You guys work for security, don’t you?” She said, getting confused.

“Nah baby, we just quit. Surprised Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston Porn Story: "Sex In Dangerous Places"

Fic Title:Sex In Dangerous Places
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairings:Jennifer Aniston/m,Nikki Cox/m
Summary:After she notices how bad Jennifer Aniston was feeling,Nikki Cox invites her to go on a fun subway ride,only to have Jennifer discover what Nikki’s idea of fun really is.
Warnings:Male/female sex,voyurism,strong language
It was on August 25th that one of Hollywood’s hottest babes named Nikki Cox–who is still starring on the hit NBC-TV series which is simply titled LAS VEGAS–has arrived at the Los Angeles,California home of Jennifer Aniston–who was once a star of another NBC-TV series entitled FRIENDS–to see how she was doing after she had lost her ex-husband Brad Pitt to another Hollywood beauty named Angelina Jolie.

But then,after she had rang the doorbell,the door had opened and the look on her face has changed from being cheerful to being concerned,for a saddened Jennifer was standing in front of her wearing nothing,but a bathrobe.

“I’m sorry about the way that I’m dressed,Nikki.It’s just that I wasn’t expecting company today.”,said Jennifer,after she and Nikki had walked back into the house.”Speaking of which,what are you doing here?”

“Well,Jen.It’s just so happens that I had came over to see how you were doing.But it looks to me like you need something that could help you get over your problems with Brad.”,said Nikki,after the two friends had walked into the master bedroom and started going through the Sherman Oaks native’s walk-in closet.”I’m hereby inviting you to join me to take a little trip on the subway and enjoy some real fun.”

“Excuse me for asking you this,Nikki.But I really do need to know one thing.”,said a confused Jennifer,after she had tapped on her best buddy’s shoulder.”Exactly what type of fun are you talking about?”
Continue reading

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